What is DMA Pricing

What is 

Direct Market Access (DMA)

DMA is a execution model in which the client receives a genuine exchange price feed from the underlying market in which they are trading. Not only do you receive live pricing, full market depth and access to the exchange order book but 100% of client orders on DMA products are hedged in the underlying market instantly. 

A DMA model provides the access to leverage, short selling and competive commissions that make CFDs such a powerful trading tool, without any of the pitfalls of dealing with a market maker.

Benefits for DMA CFD trading

Forex Price


With an independant exchange price feed you can see every bid and every offer for the security you are trading. The ability to analyse bids and offer volumes and live order flow provides you with a crucial edge over other CFD traders.

Become a price maker not a price taker

By passing 100% of DMA orders into the live market, FP Markets allows you to have an effect on the demand and supply of the product you are trading. You will be applying upward pressure when you are buying and downward pressure when selling. You can add liquidity as a seller or take liquidity as a buyer.

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Increased trading opportunities

FP markets offer Long side trading on almost all securities on the exchanges we cover and the widest variety of shorts available.

Forex Spread

Increased liquidity

A DMA model allows the trader to access identical liquidity to the underyling market. You can also trade in both the opening and closing auction phases, where a significant portion of daily volume can be traded.

Low Latency

Execution speed

DMA means less intervention between you and the underlying market and therefore no price re-quotes. We believe prioritizing transparency and execution speed ultimately benefits traders.

FX Payments

Align your interest with your broker

When trading DMA products your order is matched with other genuine market participants. This means your broker does not profit from your losses. Aligning the broker and clients interests removes the incentive to interfere with your execution which is present in other CFD models.

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